Irene van de Mheen


Artist’s Statement

The private space of a drawing

Drawings on, and without, paper.

In my work I explore both the possibilities and the limitations of drawing. I research the relationship between physical space and its translation onto a flat surface – the subtle frontier that separates illusion from reality.

All my work is strongly linked to …

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Curriculum Vitae

Latest Solo Exhibitions

2017 Maas Ruimte voor kunst, Nijmegen duoshow met Katya Derksen
Speelruimte achter de ramen, Raamgalerie Achter de ramen Amsterdam
2016 The private space of a drawing, Fönstergalleriet Kolonin, Arvika Sweden

Latest Group Shows

2017 Tekenkabinet Museum Waterland Purmerend en Amstelpark
2016 Tekenkabinet curated by Manja van der Storm, De huiskamer Amsterdam
Hydrography III, international group exhibition with conceptual and abstract watercolours curated by Iemke van Dijk en Henriëtte van t Hoog

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Latest: Article in Artforum 03/2008

A Dutch artist whose work is rooted in Neo-Plasticism might be suspected of seeking facile identification with an artistic commonplace, a sort of visiting card for a foreign audience. Van de Mheen doesn’t fall into that trap. Her works convey the emotion that lies at their core, in pieces that play with the relationship between theory and feeling.

Written by Pablo Llorca, translation by Jane Brodie, © Artforum International

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